My name is Magnus Berg. I am a qualified shooting instructor and a member of The Association of Professional Shooting Instructors. (www.apsi.co.uk) I am also a certified shooting instructor for the Swedish Hunting Association, Jägareförbundet. I have worked actively as a shooting instructor since 2012, first at Växjö Jakskytteklubb and later on as a free-lance instructor at Susegården Shooting School outside Halmstad, Sweden. I am currently based in Växjö which is in the southern part of Sweden.


Private instruction, 1 person:  700 SEK (1h)

Private instruction 2-3 persons:  1200 SEK (1h)

Private instruction 4-5 persons:  1500 SEK (1h)

Ammunition: 165 SEK/round of 25

Company/group shooting event: Please contact me for quota.

You are also welcome to book me in Halmstad through Susegårdens Skjutskola.

Field instruction

Field instruction, planning and hands-on-tips on location. Preferably combined with clay-pigeon-shooting prior to the event. Please contact me for quota.  

If you would prefer me coming to your local shooting location, please contact me.

Hunting arrangements & Photography

I have an extensive network and can assist in planning and booking unforgettable hunting adventures. Perhaps duck/pheasant-hunting in Sweden or UK, or big game hunting in South Africa?

Consider booking an experienced, professional photographer to capture all those great memories. My partner Magnus Persson at www.fotografmagnus.com has several years of experience in photographing shooting events, competitions, company events and hunting experiences, especially bird hunting.

Guns - buying advice & fitting expertise

Book a lesson and let me give you advice on how to choose and modify your gun for optimal shooting results. No matter if you are looking for your first gun or your dream gun, let me help you make the right decisions. Please note that I am not a gun dealer but my service includes help in finding a suitable gun.

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